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Central High School NJROTC
14075 Ken Austin Parkway
Brooksville, FL 34613

Phone: (352) 797-7020 ext. 343

Regiment Commander (REG CO) - C/CAPT Annitto, T

Regiment Executive Officer (REG XO) - C/CDR Gregory, K

Command Master Chief Petty Officer - C/MCPO Jaco, H

Grizzly Battalion Commander / Alfa Company Commanding Officer - C/CDR Goings, B

Grizzly Battalion Command Master Chief Petty Officer - C/MCPO O'Davis, D

Grizzly Battalion XO / Charlie Company Commanding Officer - C/LCDR Kidd, A

Kodiak Battalion Commander / Bravo Company Commanding Officer - C/CDR Shreiber, S

Kodiak Battalion Command Master Chief Petty Officer - C/MCPO O'Riley, W

Kodiak Battalion XO / Delta Company Commanding Officer - C/LCDR Dixon, C

Operations Officer (OpsO/S3) - C/LCDR Guerin, O

Administration Officer (AdminO/S1) - C/LCDR Arevalo, J

Junior Achievement Officer/Asst (JAO) - C/LCDR Jacobsen, D/ C/LT Davis, C

Public Affairs Officer/CPO(PAO/S5) - C/LT Pannone, C

Website Chief (WebCPO) - C/CPO Wilson, G

Facilities Chief/LPO (FaO) - C/CPO Rosselli, E/ C/PO1 Rae, S

Supply Officer/Asst(SupO) - C/LCDR Krasniqi, N/ C/LT Fernandez, J

Teams Officer/CPO (TTC) - C/LT Russell, J

Store Officer/CPO (STOREO) - C/LCDR Gregory, D

Educational Services Officer (ESO) - C/LCDR Kidd, A

CDMIS Officer (CDMIS) - C/LT Wallace, L

Grounds Chief (GCPO) - C/CPO Avila, A

Community Services Officer/Asst (CSO) - C/LT Fiore, A/ Torres, N

Financial Officer (FO) - C/LT Butler/ Pannone, C

Property Custodian (PC) - C/ Washington, B

T-34C Custodian - C/CPO Chapman, C/PO1 Abernathy, J