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Aft: Towards the rear part of a ship

Amidships: Toward the middle of a ship

Bilge: The rounded lower part of a ship's hull

Bow: The front part of a ship

Bridge: Platform above the main deck, where the ship's controls are located

Brig: The ships jail

Bulkhead: Upright partitions separating parts of a ship

Deck: A floor on a ship

Draft: The depth of water that a ship displaces

Fathom: A six foot length, a unit of measure for water depth

Free Board: A ship's height from the waterline to the main deck

Galley: A ship's kitchen

Gig line: The name given to the line used to align the uniform shirt, belt buckle, and trousers

Hatch: A covered opening in a ship's deck to allow entrance to a lower deck

Head: A restroom on a ship

Hull: The main body of a ship

Keel: The main timber or steel beam that extends the entire length of the bottom of the ship

National Ensign: The name given to the national flag when flown by ships and boats

Port: Facing forward, the left hand side of a ship

Screw: Another name for the propeller on a ship

Starboard: Facing Forward, the right hand side of a ship

Stern: The rear end of a ship

Super Structure: Structures built on a ship's upper deck

Union Jack: The blue field of white stars from the national ensign flown by day from the jackstaff on U.S. Warships at anchor or moored

Watch: Periods of duty on a ship, broken into six periods

Waterline: The line to where the surface water comes on the side of a ship